Welcome to T and A

Welcome to my website where I intend to showcase the results of my hobby. The title of the website was thought up by my son because of the nature of the photographic subjects.

About Me

Picture of meMy name is Dave Robinson and I live in South Shields, which is located at the mouth of the River Tyne on the north-east coast of England. It is known by most people as the finishing point of the Great North Run.

I am married to a wonderful woman called Liz (Lila to family), have two grown-up children, David (clever shite) and Tracey who is married to Michael and is the mother of my two grandsons, Lewis and Joshua.

I first got into photography in the late 1960s doing the usual, landscapes, still life, babies and children (ugh!), weddings etc. All black and white as colour was too expensive back then. Mind, B&W wasn't far behind it so often did my own developing and printing in a makeshift darkroom.

My first camera was a Yashica Minister D Rangefinder. After that I bought my first SLR, which was a Pentax SP 500 then for a short while I used a Canon AE1 and an AT1. I finally decided to get a decent (proper) camera so I acquired a Nikon Photomic FTN in 1972, which is still in good condition today.

I continued with photography until the mid-80s when I started my own business. Unfortunately, this left me with little time to pursue my hobby. However, I did still keep an eye on the photography scene and kept up with the latest developments in camera technology. The launch of the Nikon F5 rekindled my interest in my hobby, as here was a camera that meant that I didn't have to mess around with f-stops, shutter speed etc and auto-focusing is a boon to my ageing eyesight. In 1997, I purchased said camera and went on a glamour holiday shoot in Ibiza. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, meeting up with a great bunch of lads who shared similar interests. This has led to me going to the Algarve about once a year, where the majority of the content of this website was taken.

My first foray into digital photography was with a second-hand Kodak DC-210 Plus. It was fine as point-n-shoot cameras go but no comparison to an SLR. This was soon traded up to a Nikon D100 with the MB-D100 battery pack and an IBM 1GB microdrive. This lets me take over 300 images at the maximum resolution of 3008x2000. However, at approx 2.5MB per image file, a little bit large to put on the website.

The list of equipment I currently use is:

  • Nikon D200
  • Nikon D300
  • Nikon 18-35mm
  • Nikon 18-200mm
  • Nikon 24-120mm
  • AF Nikkor 35-80mm
  • AF Nikkor 80-200mm
  • Sigma 28-105mm
  • Sigma 28-300mm
  • 2 x Nikon Speedlight SB800DX

Other Personal Interests

Outside of photography my interests include home cinema and DIY. There isn't a single room left in the house that hasn't been modified!

I am a very sociable person and have been known to enjoy the occasional beer.